Miranda has coached me on both professional and personal matters. She has a skill and intuition for probing, digging and asking the right questions to get to the heart of a matter. The issue is then fed back to me so that I can see it clearly. Then Miranda helps to build a mechanism or tool to deal with this issue on an ongoing basis. In the period of time following my coaching experience with Miranda, I have experienced more personal and professional growth than ever before and I attribute much (if not all) of it to the guidance and help I received during my sessions with Miranda. Simply put, she is an EXCELLENT COACH who can help you discover (or get back in touch with) your own true self and use that connection to make your life and pursuits infinitely more rewarding and fulfilling. I would highly recommend her, without any reservations, for anyone who is genuinely interested in living and leading a more honest, complete and rewarding life. Tomas Falk, CEO, 7C Group

​​​                         I was referred to work with Miranda for

hypnotherapy after experiencing acute situational panic attacks. She made time for me right away, and was professional yet nurturing & compassionate, just what I needed in the moment. By working with Miranda, my hope was to eliminate the overwhelming anxiety that I was experiencing on a daily basis. Unexpectedly, I was also able to address deeper, old emotional wounds and found healing for experiences in my past, some of which I barely remembered. There was never a shadow of discomfort during these sessions, rather I was impressed with how much I enjoyed participating in the journey. It only took two sessions to be completely freed of this paralyzing fear I had been living with. After the sessions were over, I felt a profound sense of relief, peace of mind and a calmed body, something that I have been praying for but couldn't seem to achieve on my own. I was left with what felt like a cellular change in my being - grounded and light at the same time. This change was fundamental and it became the new me. I'd never experienced such immediate relief from suffering in my life. Thank you, Miranda! - L.A.

                     Working with Miranda was no less than a miracle. I went to see her to help me with a very close relationship that I wanted to go deeper into for healing. Not only did the relationship heal but went to a level I never expected. I was able to see what was true for me in my own healing that was blocking my heart. It was very visual which lead me to being more of an observer as opposed to stuck in an emotion. I am forever grateful for Miranda's gentle, heart full guidance and expert tools. - L.K. 

I found myself having a difficult time in my life. Miranda was referred to me from a dear friend who worked for the Hoffman process. Miranda came into my life at the right time and helped me make order to my  choices and accept many truths I woke up to as every day we make choices as to what to do.

I am grateful for the positive loving support Miranda brought to me, helping me to make better order in my life and accept my choices, own my self and move into kindness to myself and others. Today I smile from an inner joy. With the loving support Miranda showed me.

I am happy and at peace and am grateful to have had the opportunity to have Miranda's support. May we all have an angel to help us see the truth in a kinder way...Many thanks to Miranda...only love heals, many blessings for a kinder world and more smiles. - J.F.


                                     Because of my work with Miranda I don't even recognize myself. I am finally free from what has haunted me my whole life. I am able to move on with my life in ways I would have never thought possible. I will always have gratitude for Miranda and the work she has done with me. -E.M.