For Miranda:
The Redwood
I see you
I see the Redwood in you
I see you in the Redwood

As your feet reach down into the earth
I see your groundedness
Your soul is rooted in the belonging of this space
The roots are deep and stable
Like the finest silk strands of the spider’s web
Your roots work within the earth to create this sacred space
I see the strong, tall trunk of the redwood growing through you
It’s bark hugging you with the gentlest embrace of the healer’s cloak
Surging, expanding, reaching for the stars
The mighty redwood stands tall
Belonging to all and itself
I see your loving branches reach out to the world
The fine tips of new growth stroking the pain of the once forgotten
Bowing down in service to the light that lays within
With one gentle breeze the touch so light, so surprising
Declares the new dawn within
The awesome redwood stands tall
In humble servitude to the spirit within
It’s feet in the earth, it’s head in the stars
It’s heart outstretched openly for the beauty within
I see you

​                                                                                                  by Mike Connell